Today, I Hit Someone | ✔

Today, I Hit Someone | ✔

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Patricia Elliott By PatriciaElliott8 Completed

Do you know what it is like to hit someone? Over the last five years, I would say I've probably hit about a thousand people, according to what my 'brain' would have me believe. 
  Come, enter my crazy mind for a day...


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tamlaura1 tamlaura1 Nov 05, 2016
this is deep and intense,  it's something I would read, loved Mind At War so I'm sure I'd love this one too.
ehmain ehmain Dec 05, 2016
Yes, exactly. I always think about how being a good driver means nothing if those around you aren't. I've never been in an accident or had any tickets, but it won't even matter if a drunk driver crosses the line and runs into me. It's a terrifying thought.
UyuyuiIsLaif UyuyuiIsLaif Nov 16, 2016
You are really good. I'll read it all. It is important to express ourselves, I know that this is like, your live, and it is interesting. ;)
OverAchieved OverAchieved Dec 10, 2016
So I started 2 read the beginnig and oh! I started 2 cry. But then I got 2 the end and it came back to real life instead of staying inside the story, I dont exactly like it when that happens....
tamlaura1 tamlaura1 Nov 05, 2016
powerful stuff, so true, life can change in a blink of an eye. great chapter, loved it.
tamlaura1 tamlaura1 Nov 19, 2016
keep going, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time