I Prefer the Cold {A Loki Fanfiction}

I Prefer the Cold {A Loki Fanfiction}

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FabuLoki By FabuWinchester Updated Jul 06, 2017

Astrid Thornhill, niece to the well known Clint Barton, and not so amazing agent of SHIELD, was assigned to keep watch on the Tesseract. Of course, because Astrid was there (obvious reason), everything had to go horribly wrong.

A brainwashed uncle, war in the air, AND the most dangerous thing on Earth stolen wasn't s good combination for the young agent. Add breaking a shoulder blade, and getting kidnapped on top of that, and you can see how wonderful Astrid's situation was. 

The young woman gets to know SHIELDs number one enemy a lot more than she would have liked (she likes it eventually). Yes, Loki was charming, and there was just something about him that Astrid just can't resist, but he was also the antagonist of this story.

Well, if she let herself fall for him, that'd make her public enemy number two...