Don't Give Up... Until The End - An Amourshipping Story

Don't Give Up... Until The End - An Amourshipping Story

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What would have happened to Serena and Ash if Serena hadn't watched the News on the day Ash saved Garchomp? After travelling though Kalos without encountering Serena even once and finishing his journey in Alola as the newly crowned Champion, Ash returns to Kanto only to find that he will be attending school in Kalos. The Kalos Institute of Technology.
    Most of the young and rising Pokemon trainers have been invited to this academy. It is a 4 year course but Ash will be joining in Year 2 as his travelling experiences have already compensated for Year 1.
    Join Ash and his Pokemon as they embark in this new journey together to become even stronger.

There will be a slight mention of other shippings but the main focus will be Amour.

Contains relatively strong language.
    (This is currently completely unedited so expect a lot of spelling mistakes. I am planning to edit it over the summer since I am too busy to do so right now.)

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