High Heels and Pink Glitter (18+) COMPLETE

High Heels and Pink Glitter (18+) COMPLETE

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Emma Baird By SavvyDunn Completed

High Heels and Pink Glitter is a modern love story for grown-ups. Set at the start of 2016, it tells the tale of Kelly Thompson, about to be 40, and single. Kelly is desperate to find love, but her penchant for younger men and bad boys keeps getting in the way... 

Meanwhile. Nate Walker's year has started with resolutions to improve. It seems as if the plans for his new business will take him far - and he's just landed a new client, a Hollywood star no less. He's just got his daughter to deal with and there's also the loneliness. Watching Netflix on your own isn't the best way to spend New Year, after all. 

And what about Ryan? He's 16, about to discover a family he didn't know existed and trying to work out how to get together with the girl from his Parkour class who's currently posting up revealing selfies on Instagram.

  • chicklit
  • friendship
  • love
  • noughties-love
  • romance
  • scotland
  • scotsmen
  • self-discovery
  • urban-life
  • women