Blame | SF9 Rowoon 5️⃣

Blame | SF9 Rowoon 5️⃣

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lovingseoul By lovingseoul Completed

"stop pointing your dumb finger on innocent people!" - youngbin

What can you do for your crush? What can your crush make you do? Are they the same? This is just confusing!

CRUSH + series book 5

Started: November 4, 2016
Published: January 9, 2017
Finished: (writing)  November 7, 2016

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Aethelhun_ Aethelhun_ May 12, 2017
Rowoon is my ultimate bias. Inseong and Zuho is my bias wrecker
Hey danger *shows butt*
                              Ik it has nothing to do with this but still
-Lynaegi -Lynaegi May 29, 2017
im too young .. im just 15 y/o 😂 all of sf9 members are my oppa 😁 my bias is chani 💕
harsheenn harsheenn Jan 31
I am dongsaeng to everyone in sf9 and hwiyoung and zuho are my bias
woohyuck woohyuck Aug 04, 2017
Chani is my bias jaeyoon and rowoon are my bias wreckers and I am 2 days younger than chani 😂❤️
MimieIzyan MimieIzyan Apr 07, 2017
Rowoon is my bias~~~~Zuho amd Youngbin is the bias wrecker😭
                              I'm their dongsaeng♡♡♡