His Personal Slave Part 1: Fire

His Personal Slave Part 1: Fire

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Sasha was a normal teenage girl ... until the day she was kidnapped from her home town. 

Sasha's life all hanged on her decisions ... decisions that could mean slow and painful death or to become a sex slave for the rest of her life ... a sex slave for a coven of vampires.

As Sasha was drained of blood and beaten physically and sexually ... she starts to pounder on her ultimate decision of death or cruel sex. Will she be set free? Will she live through it?

As Sasha starts to think, everything might come to an end ... she meets a man. A vampire. 

Will he save her? Or will he use her like the rest? Will his dead heart love her and protect her? Or will the lust over come him and - kill her?  

Please comment and rate on what you think so far, it would really help, thanks.

I have decided to make a series of this book, as I have now decide what I want the ending to be like. However I need help deciding on a series name, like Morganville vampires have one and the immortals and vampire academy. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know, as it will really help, the only condition is it has to be linked to the story line (obviously). The next book however will be called 'Running with humans' (hope people are excited >.<) if this helps any one come up with any ideas. 
Hmm, maybe Sasha's series?; to cheesy???

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ocruzceja ocruzceja Jul 12, 2016
Then the real question to ask is why the f*** didn't he ask Ashley out?
T-Grell2000 T-Grell2000 Feb 18, 2017
HA! being latina i can confirm that you have very hairy arms
nightmarebunny101 nightmarebunny101 May 31, 2015
Wow, I'm so sorry but she is stupid af. Who does that for real but I mean it's apparent of the story line so carry on!
korrottop korrottop Jan 30, 2014
no sh*t sherlock course he drugged you dont you know not to walk into strangers houses even if they are hot duh
06PurePerfection12 06PurePerfection12 Jan 03, 2013
Before I read the story I would like to point out that the girl in the cover has bruises all over her face yet there is a heart on her lips if you don't see it look more closely its there just felt like sharing that discovery lol
scorpianio scorpianio Oct 02, 2012
Dafuq did that alaskaeverfall hobo say?!?!! Oooooh... We have the freakin grammar police on wattpad now!!!! (im just about to read by the way seems good and legit! :) )