The Vampire Diaries: Two Is Better Than One

The Vampire Diaries: Two Is Better Than One

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Amore_381 By Amore_381 Completed

What if there was someone who can even the odds, someone who can give klaus what he wants and fight him at the same time.

Mya is Elenas twin sister, when her parents died on the bridge she went down with them and died, well thats what everyone thought. 

now she's a badass vampire slayer, and is back in Mystic Falls to wreck hovoc and capture some hearts...

Princess_Little_A Princess_Little_A Dec 31, 2016
That's fine, ill take Jason, Toby, and  Ezra, from PLL. they're finneeeee. but if I had to choose one, JASON BABYYYYY
Princess_Little_A Princess_Little_A Dec 31, 2016
But if we are talking TVD I love Jermey, Stefan and ect. literally all of them. Damn, why do they do this
littlelion04 littlelion04 Aug 26, 2016
Damon is mine and no one can touch my sempii how do you even spell sempii idk
kimdegregorio kimdegregorio Dec 21, 2016
I'm sorry Damon and I are already married and we already have children
ninash101 ninash101 Sep 29, 2016
I am a big tvd fan and m love struck for the Ian somerhalder I mean m obsessed with that man and I hope this story is good ❤️
Cheyzlol_klaus_heart Cheyzlol_klaus_heart Sep 10, 2016
I call DANIEL...............Sherman lol like I have a chance as well but I do love gillies.......... And Radcliff lol