Finding Hope (Percy Jackson and HTTYD)

Finding Hope (Percy Jackson and HTTYD)

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TheOneWhoListens By T-O-W-L Updated Jul 28, 2017

Percy Jackson a Olympian hero. If he asked you a question what question would you think he'll ask you?

"Do you know what hope is?"

You might ask, 'Why that question?' Well here's the thing.

Have you ever been betrayed, abandon, and abused by your family and friends from a lie your half brother said? Have you been forced into a diffrent time line were dragons live and became the most powerful dragon only to be captured, and mistreated by humans?

"Have you?"

You see Percy Has been having a tuff life after the Titan War. He found out he had another 'Half' Brother named Apa (made up) made a lie and started to make more leaving Percy getting hurt and punish for Apa 'STUPIED' Lies. stuff happen and soon he was forced into another time line as a immortal. 

If you want more read the story because I'm not saying anything XD

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Clockwork_Noelle Clockwork_Noelle Mar 01, 2018
Do the flop guy liked to dance all the time, but he couldn’t do it right no matter how hard he tried. He had two left feet from an accident at birth. And every time he danced he always flopped face first.
YamiAngel17 YamiAngel17 May 04, 2018
🎶Tonight I'm so Alone! The sorrow takes a hold! 
                              Don't leave me you're so Cold!🎶
Silvia_Streaks Silvia_Streaks Aug 12, 2017
Um... Tuff and Tough are two totally different things... Tuff is a slang term from somewhere in the 1900's (I forgot which), and basically means cool, or something that you find awesome. Tough, well, I'm pretty sure everyone knows what it means...
3KeeKee0 3KeeKee0 Mar 31, 2018
"Don't jump! You have so much to live for!" "Everybody do the flop!" *body falls from the sky*
MerboyProductions MerboyProductions Sep 12, 2018
                              (See: 'Son of Neptune' from 'Heroes of Olympus')
TurtleTheRealOne TurtleTheRealOne Oct 27, 2018
                              Imma giant lizard
                              And i kill mooses
                              O shaps
                              Imma turtle