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Aphmau FNAF

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Shannon By XXXXShannonXXX Updated Sep 23, 2017

Every morning Aphmau comes home with a new Cut or bruise.....


Freddy Fazbears Pizza

Everyday Aphmau Cries at some point when she's home 


She lost her Parents to a car crash , Her sister to suicide , her nephew and son to Purple Guy


Aphmau works at Freddy Fazbears Pizza to try and save the kids from the animatronics and she try's to catch the purple  guy in the act. The only problem is Aphmau works the nightshift where the restless souls of the original 5 children murdered there wake up and seek revenge all but 2.

Andy her nephew and Levin her son....

Aphs friends on MyStreet get suspicious of her behaviour during the day sometimes and decides to follow her to work one night and witness something they wish they didn't ..... They saw the awakening of The Marionette.....The puppet that gives the children new life inside the suits.


Aphmau , Aaron , Garroth , Katelyn , Kawaii chan etc. Belong to Aphmau.

Five Nights At Freddys ( FNAF) belongs to Scott Cawthon 
I own none of the Characters in this Fanfic and I hope you all enjoy 



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BeABeastofaUnicorn BeABeastofaUnicorn Sep 02, 2017
I tried doing that thing but it was so hard I just fixed there voice boxes
BeABeastofaUnicorn BeABeastofaUnicorn Sep 02, 2017
Did she do it or have another son cause this is pg if not tell me
TheEMulator TheEMulator Apr 30, 2017
Damnit Aphmau your better than me at everything I try to read a fanfic to get a break and what do I get? The fact that you can hold your breath for two damned hours. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN ME AT EVERYTHING.
Lol27theturtle Lol27theturtle Jan 14, 2017
Roses are red,
                              Skulls are sickly,
                              Let's just say
                              That escalated Quickly!