Leaving Fairy Tail | Completed | Editing

Leaving Fairy Tail | Completed | Editing

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Eryka By Golden_Heart_ Completed

Prequel to Saving Fairy Tail
( Book 1 ) 

When Lucy walks into the guild, Something was up...

Was it because she was quiet..?
 Who knows......         

 But when she says 4 words that leaves everyone shocked...

They have to find out what happened to her....           

Will they find out what's wrong?       
& will they get her back?             
Or will their beloved Celestial Mage be gone forever?

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I was listing to a song in a different tab and when i read that lucy was quitting fairytail. the song in the different tab was a sad song then i started to cry
anime4LIFEbru anime4LIFEbru Aug 29, 2017
Don't worry I'm a very cheesy person so I don't mind cuz I'm a NALU FAN
Glitter_Twinkle Glitter_Twinkle Sep 01, 2017
What i just read that and  already loven' it and yes i am an amazing nalu FaaaaaaaN
anime4LIFEbru anime4LIFEbru Aug 29, 2017
I accept the cookie cuz  I have whip cream at home 
                              *eats wiped cream on the cookie while reading story*
OkPolar OkPolar Feb 17
I mean... Natsu can get a little Nasty with her.... if you know what I'm saying.... 😏😏😏😏 I'm so sorry....
ScaryBisexual ScaryBisexual Dec 16, 2017
                              SHE'S PMSING
                              I'M JUST TRYING NOT TO CRY (because there's nothing your mind can't do)
                              GODDAMNIT HAMILTON
                              YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE