The Logan Brothers

The Logan Brothers

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Becoming a player had never been Imogen Hanson's intention.  She was the quiet, slightly nerdy girl who preferred to read books than interact with actual human beings.  But when two boys who she really cared about asked her out, she couldn't bring herself to say no to either one.  Especially since those two boys were the Logan Brothers.


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Published 10/9/13
Completed 10/9/14

U k that Spanish episode —- 
                              “Damn damn son of a bitch I'd like someone to stab me in your eyes with a blunt pencil and carve out your liver with a rusty knife.” 
                              This is what google translate said 😂😂😂
Gwenith_ Gwenith_ Dec 21, 2014
Yes, in Spanish that is how they complement each others shirts... Not!!!! Haha, but only two years of Spanish and that's something she learned to say
ronyswizzle ronyswizzle Oct 05, 2014
the first time i heard about this story is throught the trailer you made for the book and from the moment i saw the video, i knew i had to read this amazing book and i was right ,this book is amazing
Nina_Wellington Nina_Wellington Oct 03, 2014
@Nina_Wellington Okay... so maybe not, but I still think it's gonna be Grayson!!
Nina_Wellington Nina_Wellington Oct 02, 2014
Now I know for sure she's gonna end up with Grayson- his name is first in the cast list! The guy whose name is first always gets the girl
Apparel Apparel Sep 01, 2014
Thanks for spoilers, about to read TMI... Just kidding, haha. But you really should notify people about a spoiler that large! 
                              I don't mean to offend you or anything!! So far I'm really enjoying this chapter you're a great writer!