Always There + Niall Horan

Always There + Niall Horan

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Kaya and Niall hate each other. He's her annoying next door neighbor who's made her life miserable ever since she was born. Kaya thinks Niall does it out of enjoyment. Or is it something else?                   

"Sometimes it's love, sometimes it's hate. Either way, you just seem to find a way to be always there."

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I came back and watched this, suddenly understanding it all. SAM
laptypool laptypool Aug 24
Omfg! I finally found this book!! I read it years ago but I couldn't find. I also didn't remember the title but I was wanting to read it again. Aaahhhhh I'm so excited🤘🤘💞
Boiii. He den liked her for years bet this the background of the story.
When Niall just really mean to her and nice to everyone else
pipoqinha pipoqinha Mar 04
I'm reading this for the 1000th time so I don't think it's cringey
Wait....why does Niall casually come ova her house to spend time with her mom.....
                              They fuckin end of discussion