Down By The Riverside

Down By The Riverside

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WINNER of The Galaxy Awards (1st position in General Fiction)
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"Down by the river by the boats
      Where everybody goes to be alone
      Where you won't see any rising sun
      Down to the river we will run
      When by the water we drink to the dregs
      Look at the stones on the river bed
      I can tell from your eyes
      You've never been by the riverside
      Down by the water the riverbed
      Somebody calls you somebody says
      Swim with the current and float away
      Down by the river everyday
      When that old river runs pass your eyes
      To wash off the dirt on the riverside
      Go to the water so very near
      The river will be your eyes and ears
      I walk to the borders on my own
      To fall in the water just like a stone
      Chilled to the marrow in them bones
      Why do I go here all alone"
      - Agnes Obel
      Heavily inspired by the song.
  She never broke into big smiles, cried, laughed or gave out any expression - but I wouldn't say that she was expressionless either - just that she was way too mysterious. And I liked that about her. She smiled; a short little lift of her lips. She stared; a wide pair of eyes looking straight into my soul. She tried to figure me out; a small crease along her forehead. She became sad; a tiny bit of teardrop trying to sneak its way out of her eyes. She became angry; a frown, almost invisible, constantly there. How can you not be obsessed with her?
  Main Genre: Psychological Thriller
  Sub-Genre: Adventure

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