Love Miscalculation

Love Miscalculation

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armorhunter By armorhunter Updated Jun 16, 2017

[ A  N A L U  F A N F I C T I O N ] 

"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time."

Lucy Heartfilia was challenged by her friend to find a perfect match for Natsu Dragneel, a transferred student who became the leader of Fairy Tail. He is always by her side no matter what occur. Is this possible a coincidence or fate?

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Queen_Bacon Queen_Bacon Mar 01
Hell Cassandra Clare is amazing and quoting Jace was genius. And it was amazing btw ;3
Did his father just hate life and said to himself one day “I never wanted kids and I hate everything except my wife. Here’s a good idea I’m gonna kill my wife and me and leave my son to fin for himself!! I’m a great dad.😇😇😇”
What about Happy?
                                                      Happy of fairy tail 
                              Year: 778- 2018 
                              loved by all hated by fish. 
                              Roses are red 
                              Happy is blue
                              If he ever died
                              I’d die too
Woah Natsu, you kinda sound like Shakespeare dude. That's deep.
Reminds me of the movie Mama except the dad had tried to kill the kids too
Oooh! Which book of hers did you get it from? It's honestly sounds like something Jace would say, but I can't remember him saying it in any of the books I've read so far