Hack into your heart|| 707 x Mc (+Oneshots)

Hack into your heart|| 707 x Mc (+Oneshots)

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Misaki By Shaishere Updated Apr 17, 2017

Ello ello! This is a Mystic Messenger au where Mc is a hacker and is also Jumin Han's little sister. Jumin kept it a secret from the R.F.A members for a long time, except from Jaehee. Jumin was planning to keep the R.F.A. a secret from Mc but she found out herself. When they found out, Mc was forced to join the R.F.A, its the rules lol.

As time flies by in the R.F.A, Mc fell for Seven and is doing her best to "Hack into his heart".


The story itself is now completed, but instead of ending the book, I have decided to continue this book with oneshots! I take requests, so feel free to contact me anytime.

© to Shaishere

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CLONEexe CLONEexe Jun 22
I can’t get over “You owe me a soda now, boy!” I’m still laughing.
Psychotic_Writer Psychotic_Writer Nov 26, 2017
Me when I wake up, after not turning my ringer up so I can open a music messenger room.
darkdreams2048 darkdreams2048 Mar 31, 2017
Yass! Finding dory is amazing! A sequel to my childhood film 😄
Jaehee: Mc..? What are you doing with Mr. Han’s phone??
                              Jumin/Mc: UHHHHHHHHH SORRY MAHM GATTA GO IMPORTANT MEETING
                              Zen: Hahahahah lol
                              707: Busted lololol
Len-Kagamemes Len-Kagamemes Aug 27, 2017
Everybody: Hello. 
                              Mc on Jumin's phone:HAAAI~
                              707: *spits coffe all over computer*
                              ZEN:*stops appreciating self to process this*
                              Yoosung: You're acting strange...
                              Jaehee: Mr.Han,are you drunk?
                              V:*is not there*
LITTLE DID WE KNOW 707 was a fruit THE WHOLE TIME!!!! (that picture is life)