The Legend Of The Mystics

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Melody Wilson By SecretMae Updated 2 years ago
Three books connect three humans to a book of legends in another realm. Fates intertwine and five set out on a quest to save the Evergreen Kingdom. The three humans find their journey has led them to an unknown world with a legend in a book that has everything to do with their fates.   
    Along the quest to fulfill the prophecy, the mystics and the two helpers, Mae and Elliott, they meet along their way realize the once peaceful Evergreen Kingdom is under attack by an evil force. They will have to defeat the evil darkness that threatens to befall the kingdom, and save the princess-queen Aeolian's family name from an evil curse set years ago. Will all get destroyed in  this epic battle of good vs evil? Will the legend prevail truth? Leap into a story that will take you on a journey full of emotion and wonder with the turn of every page. 
    Written By: Melody Wilson ©Copyright 2012-All Rights Reserved
I like the plot and it captivated me. There were a few mistakes but you can easily fix them or get an editor to do it for you. Overall, good job. Voted. :)
This is one of the better fantasy novels on this site. I can't give a good critique though because I'm not familiar with the fantasy genre. However, from reading this I thought it was very well put together and it had great descriptions.
I'll confess that I'm not a fan of fantasy, however, you are obviously a very brilliant writer, your description is great and it has a real natural flow! The characters are good, so well done! :)
I really like the variations of sentence structure and the emotions you add to your story. I feel like this book has the potential to become a Wattpad classic. All in all, you're writing style is beautiful and I can't wait for more of your work.
                                    You my friend, have succeeded :D
It's written very well. However while Mae is asking a question don't say QUESTIONED, since questioning is generally harsh and is done by advocates, lawyers, policemen etc. You know, that's why they say "a questioning round with the thief" Try saying, simply asked.
                                    Good job.
I have to say is....The cover looks cool like in the old times! And its well written and the summary sounds really good and all I have to say is well done! Voted!