Heroes of Dreamland Rewritten, Book 1: Stars Amidst Lightning

Heroes of Dreamland Rewritten, Book 1: Stars Amidst Lightning

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Far beyond the stars, yet in a world far closer to our own than you might ever imagine, there is a starry world named Planet Popstar. This world plays home to a few heroes you've probably heard of, and has already survived the attacks of many a villain, thanks to her greatest hero, The Warrior of the Stars. But when a new threat rears its ugly head and threatens the peace of the idyllic realm of Dreamland, will the same old heroes be enough to stop it? Or does the still-healing, so-recently-war-torn Galaxy need another heroine to lend her sword to its protection?

The young child who has already saved the Galaxy countless times, despite his young age and his innocent demeanor.

The mute kid who feels like nobody ever really notices him, like his presence is hardly even necessary.

The odd new hero, an aberration among her own kind, who longs for a voice.

The quirky magician who flees from his past, never slowing to let anybody else catch up.

The lone knight who still nurses old battle wounds not so far beneath the surface, who wishes for a heart of stone.

For our heroes, new and old, surviving the Monstrous Lightning is just the very beginning of an adventure that will span cultures, centuries, worlds, dimensions, and hearts.

This is a story that strives to prove that every life has meaning, that everyone can be redeemed, that everyone can be loved, and that no matter who you are and others' expectations of you, you can do great things with the help of the power that hung the very stars in place. 

Even during the worst of storms, the stars are still there, hidden amidst the lightning.

This, dear Reader, is the story of the Heroes of Dreamland.

(I do not own the Kirby series or any part of the Kirby series, be it locales, characters, names, trademarks, etc. etc. Nintendo/HAL Laboratory does. I own all of my OCs, locales, names, etc. Please don't take them without asking. Thanks, all. I hope you enjoy.) 
(Cover art by @Pink_Ichigo_Bunny77.)

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