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sugar.venom By _Somethinggreater_ Updated Jan 11

This takes patricide to a new level. The Brothers Artūras and Ludovic plan to speed up the Ravening, killing two birds with one stone. The old Crow is going down, along with every Damned eternal on earth. 
Gild/Gilt: Archaic; to make red as with blood.

Comments / Critiques from my Panda aka the one and only Nikolai_Watson:
There must be a God. Finally (FINALLY!) a vampire story that doesn't include sparkling idiots. This is very reminiscent of 'Interview with the Vampire' by Anna Rice. #panda_critiques


  • apocalypse
  • bitter
  • comedy
  • death
  • endofdays
  • eternal
  • hate
  • life
  • love
  • malcontent
  • posion
  • revenge
  • short
  • suffertheliving
  • surrender
- - Sep 18, 2017
A bit of over-repetition here. Your use of language - however - is spellbinding.
- - Sep 18, 2017
*perhaps replace 'life' with 'existence'? Otherwise, the word (from the previous paragraph) might become repetitive?
BookshelfBattle BookshelfBattle Nov 15, 2017
Why are vampires always so unhappy?  They need vamp therapy.
- - Sep 18, 2017
Usually, I'd caution authors against 'telling' and tell them to 'show'. In this instance - however - the recollection works very well with the tone (sort of a mix of melancholy, irony, and nostalgia).
- - Sep 18, 2017
I usually caution against starting a novel with poetry; but - as this is really well written - I wouldn't be able to criticise too much :)
Michael-Sorbello Michael-Sorbello Nov 10, 2017
The bastard who creates bastards, sounds like he would fit right into the world of Game of Thrones!