Out For Revenge

Out For Revenge

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jeanetteh_169 By jeanetteh_169 Updated May 26, 2018


There's an innocent, sweet and naive 18 year old named Hailey Stanford who gets married to a 24 year old guy after 2 months from their encounter. She's the typical love struck girl that believed in love at first sight. Did i mention she is an orphan.... 

Who meets a billionaire named Damien Wyatt the typical arrogant, sex addicted rich guy who makes his wife's life a living hell after only 9 months of marriage. What we all are wondering is why the hell does he do this to her? 

The real question is why does he want revenge on a girl who clearly doesn't know what the hell is going on!! But something makes her feel like she knows him maybe from another time? 

Could Hailey be right that she knows Damien from before or is it just her head messing memories up

One thing is for sure They are Out For Revenge

A/N :  Mature content, Revenge ;) Love and more...

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