Justice Slayer [On Hold]

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Megan Lockhart By MeganLockhart Updated 2 years ago
Justice’s life has never been easy, but then she’s never been one to complain. Her family life wasn’t terrible, but she wasn’t really loved either. So when her Grandmother dies, Justice doesn’t exactly drop to the floor wailing in grief. She merely chokes it up as one more thing to add her all ready long list of reasons why her life sucks. As most people do.
    However when her dearly departed granny leaves a necklace to her, a necklace Justice has never once seen off her Grandmother’s neck, and had fully expected to see buried with the old bat. Things start to happen. And in Justice’s world when things happen they’re rarely good.
    So how will Justice fair when drastic change enters her life? Will she embrace it for what it can be or run from it for what it could be? Or will she simply stop watching Buffy before bed? Because she's really starting to believe that maybe this Nicholas guy has powers.
This chapter is... five by five ;)
                                    Could use a bit of editing, seems like it was written in a rush. But otherwise...Reading on :)
@MeganLockhart this story is familar to me....Hey! Where you on fictionpress? :D If, I have read this and I LOVE this story!