The Promise (New Adult)

The Promise (New Adult)

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Brandon Alston By balston82 Updated Dec 10, 2013

 100 word Pitch: Outwardly, 19-year-old Aspen Spencer has it all: she's a member of an ultra-exclusive sorority; engaged to the university's star pitcher, who she's head over heels for; and acing her classes. Inwardly, she's never recovered from the night she invited the son of her family's maid into her bed. Or the tragedy that came from it. 

20-year-old Sebastian Cruz has come to Carolina University with one thing in mind-Aspen. He carries in his heart a promise she made him. That she'd be his forever. With Aspen's wedding only two days away, he intends to hold her that promise. Even knowing that forevers are only ever temporary.

Chapter One


"Not even one, beautiful?" Hot Bartender slides an empty shot glass in front of me, flashing a grin.  He's more than cute and the drink is free, but both are off limits.

I shake my head and make a show of frowning. "Designated driver."

With a flick of his wrist the glass disappears. But then that smile of his turns mischievous and he ...

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nana_amaru nana_amaru Jun 16, 2015
my parents were married at 19 so....I see how it could happen
                              they are still together 
                              and I plan on following in their footsteps 
BlvckerTheCherry BlvckerTheCherry Nov 08, 2014
Oh hot damn, can you be my man, if your saying yeah. Pleas put your. Hand in the air air air air!!!
flyindark flyindark Sep 14, 2014
I need more to read of this!! Its so good, your a great writer
xoxos1996 xoxos1996 May 22, 2014
Hi! Check out my first book I started witting today :) it's called her unfrozen heart ( rated r ) if really appreciate some feed back :)
JustWannaWritee JustWannaWritee Apr 01, 2014
This was a very interesting story. I like the beginning and the entire concept of it. Continue
Uniqueness_ Uniqueness_ Jan 04, 2014
Awww the sweet memories of true love. I think she shouldn't have accepted the proposal to Brian cause Sebastian seems like the right guy for her instead.