BAD [book 1] #WATTYS2016

BAD [book 1] #WATTYS2016

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Urban Goddess By beautyandbeyond Completed

Imani venzent had no guidance when it came to love. She was very naive but not by choice. When her mom died, hell seemed like a more better place for her. Having an abusive father imani suffered a lot of damage from being a little girl but now that she escaped from her father and is living in New York city with her little sister, and very Ill grandmother the damages from being hurt by men isn't done.

when imani meets a very interesting man name Kent Carson her entire life turns into BAD as she begins to work for him (stripping). how will thus turn out?
(C) 2013


  • crazy
  • killing
  • love
  • money
  • stripper
  • trill
  • urban
  • wattys2016
briiannamarie briiannamarie Mar 19, 2017
Lmfao!  Her ass better just walk around the pole looking sexy it off
Jade_the_stone Jade_the_stone May 30, 2017
Roses are red violets are blue where is my kent i need some clothes to.
DiamondBrown408427 DiamondBrown408427 Jun 01, 2017
In the description it talks about him asking her to be a stripper 😂
MysteriousDEJ MysteriousDEJ Sep 03, 2017
I would have done it shid. 17 no parents or guardian. No income so hell yea I would have picked up my shoes after that conversation
XxUniquely_RaeRaeXx XxUniquely_RaeRaeXx Sep 04, 2017
That sounds Weird Asf if i was ber would have been like Da fuq
raurashipper99 raurashipper99 Jul 28, 2017
😳 I don't know what I would do if my grandma passed we too close 😭