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BAD [book 1] #WATTYS2016

BAD [book 1] #WATTYS2016

1M Reads 25K Votes 31 Part Story
Urban Goddess By beautyandbeyond Completed

Imani venzent had no guidance when it came to love. She was very naive but not by choice. When her mom died, hell seemed like a more better place for her. Having an abusive father imani suffered a lot of damage from being a little girl but now that she escaped from her father and is living in New York city with her little sister, and very Ill grandmother the damages from being hurt by men isn't done.

when imani meets a very interesting man name Kent Carson her entire life turns into BAD as she begins to work for him (stripping). how will thus turn out?
(C) 2013


Simplymee3 Simplymee3 Aug 05, 2016
"If you don't like it then I'll help you find something else..." Nigga Tf is you saying, you should've started off with some else other than a strip club. She might end up on drugs just a thought I might be wrong.
Simplymee3 Simplymee3 Aug 05, 2016
Nigga what? How did she even know it was $600.? Nobody said shít about how much it was explain please.
lkikonde lkikonde Nov 20, 2016
Ctfu these comments, anyway why on earth take public transportation if he has a Ferrari
_jElLiEe _jElLiEe Jun 20, 2016
If she 17...then how old is the Clark Kent Superman head ass nigga....cuz Ik damn well no 18 yr old owns a damn strip old is he Imani....I bet Yuu don't even kno ..Imma take a quick guess...45
Psycho_Lightskinn Psycho_Lightskinn Sep 23, 2016
I hate when mfs say that "we all got the same thing" Duh bitch and I don't want everybody eyes on mines tf
ilove127 ilove127 Oct 31, 2016
Can someone in a book be ugly for once like cmon let's b realistic every girl is light skinned an thick n bad like ...