God of Fire

God of Fire

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{Greek Mythology}

My version on the myth of Hephaestus with a dash of humor, and the gods cheap pick-up lines. 

"Wanna see my thunderbolt?"

Cover by Dark_Keiichi

Lol last part just imagen 
                              ZEUS *DEATH GLARE*
                              Zeus disappears into smoke
Why is Demeter in the meeting she isn't an Olympian, there is 12 Olympians and she's not one, she's a minor goddess I thought since Hera said that Ares was there because he's an Olympian but Demeter isn't an Olympian so why is she at the meeting?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA I have heard this before when Hera snaps it is hilarious!
if u have read percy jackson serise then like we needa talk XDD im making a fanfic of percy jackson and i just started reading and its already really good :DD
That's really cool that you'd write a book in English! Good job!
I also thought that Hephaestus was the one who used his mechanical skills to get Athena out his head and I thought it was during dinner.