Endlessly • Calum Hood

Endlessly • Calum Hood

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Maybe some promises are made to broken. Maybe some people are just meant to be. Maybe love can be endless. And maybe it was fate.


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XXKacXX XXKacXX Sep 10
Aww, same Cal. That's what my parents, friends, teachers, and doctor said about me!
8Wonderz8 8Wonderz8 Aug 14
I just imagen sam winchester saying this and its making me yodel..
8Wonderz8 8Wonderz8 Aug 14
I dont even know what mine is because there are different accents in america and I moved so much when I was little so I dont even know what mine is..
skkennamari skkennamari 3 days ago
Everyone is saying like Sam pepper. I'm just sitting here like "please be Sam and Colby?"
but this triggers me because zoella isn't a name ok sorry noah fence
Who the hell still watches neon or Nino the fish shiz I had to look at that comments above to found out what y'all saying