Breaking Free

Breaking Free

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*** Second Book of the Release Me Series. Do not read if you have not read the first book. Also this blurb contains spoilers, so do not read the blurb if you don't want to spoil the first book. I repeat do not read.***

Promises are meant to broken.  

Families are meant to fall apart.  

Trust is meant to be crippled.  

Hope... well hope is meant to be lost and found again.  

Sometimes on your journey to find hope again after being beaten down so many times, you lose sight of it. You become filled with this rage that can't be extinguished, unless you decide it's time to let go. Sometimes though you don't see a point to extinguish it, because it drives you to move forward. Makes you want to live for not the people who are alive, but dead.  

That's where I am in the moment.  

In the depths of an isolated prison, rises a new Thea Cahill. Wanting to finish something her mother started over ten years ago, she starts her mission. Somewhere along the way she picks up a cocky world class thief and more secrets along the way.  
Half way across the world is Asher Martinez struggling to maintain his company against Walker and Black's rising company. He is holding the burden Thea had left behind before she had left for prison a year back. The only thing keeping his sanity is a girl locked up in prison thousands of miles away from him.