The Science Project (Complete)

The Science Project (Complete)

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Kiwi By TheLittleBookMonster Completed

Violet Park was enjoying her new life at college... that was until she got paired up with James Taylor, the heartthrob of college, for her science project.

Violet was trying to change into a strong confident girl for college rather than the shy girl she used to be
But she is finding it hard to be confident around James. Especially since they used to be best friends in high school and now they barely talk to each other. 

Can she fix her broken friendship with James or will they remain to walk past each other in the hallways without acknowledging each others presence?

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EpicNinjaDork EpicNinjaDork Nov 01, 2016
Unless you have other siblings, of course he's gonna know it's you because you're the only other child apart from the twins. *shoots a "duh" look at this character*
VogayasiGloria VogayasiGloria Apr 22, 2016
Baby I'm preying on you tonight... 
                              Hunt u down, eat you alive..
                              Just like animals... Animals..
                              Just like animals woah...🎸🎤🎼🎶
stfuDonaldTrump stfuDonaldTrump Jun 27, 2016
Well then...
                              Imma just add this to the list of things I'm doing to my teachers when I graduate high school...
izzyyybetterthanyou izzyyybetterthanyou Apr 03, 2016
This is off topic but if violet isn't 18 yet and she's already in college how is that possible because she missed the cut off date for the next grade up so technically she should be one of the oldest in her class
TheLittleBookMonster TheLittleBookMonster Jan 22, 2013
@marshmallowskye @MoltenGold Thanks guys! I'll polish this up a bit once I finish this story and start editing it. @MoltenGold This was one of my very first story ideas and as much as I am trying not to, I think it will turn out a bit cliche. But hopefully not too much! Haha!
corduroysleeves corduroysleeves Jan 22, 2013
@marshmallowskye A blurb is to show you kinda what the book is about, a prologue is meant to hook the reader :) I like this, interesting you could say. Just don't make it cliche`