The Long Run (BoyxBoy-teacher/student)

The Long Run (BoyxBoy-teacher/student)

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Reign, a high school heart-breaker has never felt any affection towards anyone he dated. He thought there was something wrong with him until his best friends Drew and Floyd suggested that he could be gay. He’s scared to accept that though, after all his dad’s a major homophobe. 

Being raised from a rich household and parents that are hardly there make it difficult for Reign to have a normal family. They just had a child so they had someone to give their wealth to when they died and Reign knows it. He knows that he can’t continue to become a famous runner like he hoped for. His dad already has everything planned out for him right up to his death bed. Not to mention the completely white straight fantasy wedding.

What makes it worse is that he falls head over heels for no one other than his teacher. It couldn’t be the boy down the street, or the nerd? No, it had to be his maths teacher. The one that’s strictly off limits. Like Reign ever let something like that stop him though. 

Will Reign rule this whole experience out of a crush or will he learn to live, fight, love and accept who he really is?

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thatbitchonline101 thatbitchonline101 Sep 09, 2017
I had a really hot history teacher and a science teacher. My science teacher teacher was like 24 and he was sooo cute and funny and sweet but then he and the history teacher started getting close and I started shipping them together.
dosplitsonsatansdick dosplitsonsatansdick Apr 11, 2017
Ew. Wish I had attractive teachers. Mine are just ew and assholes smh
Anna_The_Penguin Anna_The_Penguin May 18, 2016
My art teacher is really awesome, supportive, and quite handsome and young...He has tattoos and is absolutely hilarious and I can't help but say I sort of have a crush on him from the way he teases and jokes around in class and is so enthusiastic. I can't help it, really xD.
patheticblues patheticblues Jun 07, 2016
Everyone talking about how they like their teachers. My teachers are all like 50 and crusty asf
Death_Angel_17 Death_Angel_17 Jun 13, 2016
I wish there were handsome men as my teachers... but they are are flambouyant gay teachers who look more of a girl than me
Dal4as Dal4as Jul 11, 2016
Just read what the story was about and um.. just got mind f+++ed soo umm i'll just start