The Mechanical Crown (updated weekly!)

The Mechanical Crown (updated weekly!)

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Simon K Jones By SimonKJones Updated 5 days ago

The valley was ringed by impassable mountains; it was quiet, isolated and plentiful and those who lived there were glad to be rid of the world. That is, until a man crossed the peaks to the south, setting in motion a sequence of events which would tear everything apart...

The Mechanical Crown is an epic, unpredictable adventure full of intrigue, exploration and romance.

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Cover by @weeknder

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ericdabbs ericdabbs Jan 14
Love the play on the numbers. If they haven't been educated then they might not know they were being numbered.
ericdabbs ericdabbs Jan 14
Guess if everyone washes every two weeks, no one would notice.
- - Nov 10, 2016
fixer fix whats broken
                              who fixes the fixers
                              yo mama.
                              (if shes in a gud mud(