Irresistible  [Haylor AU]  //Harry Styles And Taylor Swift//

Irresistible [Haylor AU] //Harry Styles And Taylor Swift//

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Danielle Evans By HaylorSparks Completed

Love really comes in the most unexpected ways and places. Despite the fact that we live in a modern world, arranged marriages are still considered as a common practice especially if it would benefits both parties in business. But maybe our parents know something that we don’t? Harry and Taylor were fated to meet since they have been forced to enter into matrimony. Being proud individuals, they would initially resent the idea of living with each other. Harry would do everything in his power to make Taylor hate him in order to get his divorce and Taylor, being the resilient person that she is, would do everything to defy him. But when love comes knocking, is there still a thing called pride? Will they slowly fall for each other, despite their initial impressions about love and the hardships they had to endure just to discover that they're destined for each other and face up to their feelings before it’s too late?

[WARNING: This story will have sexually explicit content in it.]

lcnghandwrittennote lcnghandwrittennote Jul 07, 2016
I love the description so much. And I'm sure, this book is going to slay my existence like the other books written by you did. ❤
masqueradeofwords masqueradeofwords Nov 13, 2016
Reading this again ^-^  "It's been a long time old friend :') "
0Harley_Quinn0 0Harley_Quinn0 Jul 07, 2016
Oh honey, I live for smutt. Just kidding! It's the voices but YAYYYYYYY!!!!!
belloangelav belloangelav May 04, 2016
Harrys always arrogant in EVERY.EFFING.FANFIC lol im used to it 😂
drfoot drfoot Dec 03, 2016
Rereading this story bc it's sooooo amazing. I love this author and I wish they would write more books!!