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The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen

649 Reads 152 Votes 1 Part Story
D.M. Kilgore By DMKilgore Completed

Only she knew who her husband was... Or did she?

Krystine Pearson is less than thrilled with her husband's idea of a romantic anniversary getaway. Snowed in at a remote cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, the only thing colder than the weather is their relationship. Desperate to heat things up, Krys devises a dangerous plan to bring out the best in her husband. 

Unfortunately, his best will be her worst nightmare.

A twisted tale of romantic terror from the mind of D.M. Kilgore

*cover art created by Blue Harvest Creative*

  • chills
  • darkside
  • dmkilgore
  • fiction
  • horror
  • romanticterror
  • shortstory
  • suspense
  • theicequeen
  • thriller
  • thrills