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Rune Mage [Fantasy/Adventure | Ongoing | Wattys2017]

Rune Mage [Fantasy/Adventure | Ongoing | Wattys2017]

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Kat Hollister By KatrinHollister Updated 10 hours ago

Seiren killed her mother and trapped her sister's soul in a stone. She will stop at nothing to atone for the greatest mistake of her life and restore Madeleine, even at the cost of her own humanity.
    The magic-wielding country of Karma and demon-commanding country of Hanna are on the brink of war. Civil unrest and increasing pressure from the king catapults Seiren into a terrifying game of deception, politics, and betrayal. The battle may be against the demon summoners, but the war is against something far darker and more powerful.
    Updates Mondays and Fridays. For earlier updates, add this book on Radish Fiction.
    Cover by Stefanie Saw (seventhstar). NaNoWriMo2016. Camp NaNo Apr 2017. Wattys2017.

So I saw Fullmetal in the tags for this story and I wanted to ask if this is a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction with an OC or a story based off of the same idea as Fullmetal Alchemist
CAKersey CAKersey Jun 07
Seiren is already a brilliant and likeable protagonist. I'm looking forward to this.
The story could use some contextualization as to who this voice is and where it's coming from. Even if you just want to call it "voice" at first to keep some mystery or even just have her comment on the voice so we know whether or not she is just taking to herself it would be less confusing.
I have the feeling police will just jump in the middle screaming ,, hands up,, and both Siren and the lizard be like,, really,,?
IKMidsummer IKMidsummer Jun 07
This was an amazing read! I saw you posting a lot to facebook about it and thought since I finally have some free time I'd read chapter 1. I have to say that I like Seiren's style, reckless as it may be.
I like it so far.  I am intrigued.  Looking forward to what's next.