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krissy money weed By scenequeeen_ Updated Jul 16, 2015

*** I don't let anyone copy or translate my books so don't even ask me i have all rights reserved****

You are never alone. 
Someone is always looking out for you. 
Not all demons are bad.

**if you ever feel alone and like you're going to hurt yourself, do not hesitate to ever talk to someone. there will always be someone there for you no matter what. if you think you will try to commit or if you need help please call the suicide prevention hotline suicide, 1-800-273-8255. suicide takes the lives of over 30,000 people each year. to learn more about suicide awareness you can visit or and please remember, it may get worse but in the end, no matter what, it will always get better. i promise. i care about you and i love you!!**

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You know what's creepy af, i have this creepy ass corner in my room and its SO dark.
I'm reading the other comments and they r not taking this as serious as I am :3
If u were the mister I imagine under my bed I would sleep under my bed every night
Noh,absolutely. You're only justin bieber and probablility you don't know me...Anyway this is story is so creepy but beautiful.