Tim and his family meet a new friend while they're on vacation.  He teaches them all about the art of bonsai. But these bonsai aren't exactly made from trees.

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aprilgrr85 aprilgrr85 Jul 07, 2017
I mean, I get it, I think. Guy is a murderer, shapes people? I like it bc I had to think. I was a bit confused. You're gooood!
AmyBakerWallace AmyBakerWallace Jul 30, 2017
Have to really take in what is written to work this story out. Great work
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Aug 30, 2017
 #WNC should there be a (was) or (is) between "...tree more..."
BennyBedlam BennyBedlam Jun 14, 2017
That was amazing. Ypur descriptions of the delicacy and beauty of the trees gave the horror a sonewhat beautiful feel to it. I loved it.
AAgirlride AAgirlride Mar 26
When that it said 'with a thump' in the previous paragraph, I knew he wasn't cutting a tree
                              I have a bonsai at home.
                              I will never forget this story.