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A Silver Lie. (written by the chatterbox and the-giggler)

A Silver Lie. (written by the chatterbox and the-giggler)

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chatterbox By chatterbox Updated Jun 04, 2012

previously with the title of the silver kiss!:
Zoe Worlds is a simple girl of 15 living in the U.S with her mother Karen. When Zoe comes home one day to find a note stuck to the fridge saying her mum has been taken to the hospital yet again she doesn't no what to do and she feel's alone. With no one there to help her get through the pain of finding out your mother only has 3 months to live. Her mother doesn't want her only daughter to see her in this state so, she ships Zoe off the U.K to live with her dad. From the stories Karen has told Zoe, her father is a uptight, suited lawyer who is very strict and pristine. Like any teenager she is not looking forward to meeting this uptight nob-head. She doesn't plan on getting into trouble with her new father/family so she changes her attitude. From lazy and laid back to active and sophisticated with the perfect hair and steam pressed suit. When she gets off her plane there is a big surprise waiting for here. A young boy of 16. Is he her brother or will he turn out to be her lover. Read the story and find out.

chatterbox chatterbox Sep 05, 2013
hey guys thanks, sorry about all the confusion on bits becaus ei was only 11 when i wrote this and now im 15 im like holy cr*p lol. but thanks very much ! xx
hkzaidi hkzaidi Jul 25, 2012
I like it so far, the plot seems interesting. There are a few grammatical errors but nothing that cannot be fixed by thorough editing. Best of luck. Voted and reading on!
chatterbox chatterbox Jan 21, 2011
Dear Readers,
                              i would like to inform you that chapter 2 is now ready for reading.
                              If you could please comment. 
                              If you liked are story so far.
                              Chatterbox and The Giggler.
chatterbox chatterbox Jan 17, 2011
                              Thank you very much. 
                              Me and the-giggler are just writing the next bit for our story.
                              So you will have to wait and see.
                              from The chatterbox and the-giggler
dollysr88 dollysr88 Jan 17, 2011
its good so far!!!! please continue!!!!
                              i want to see if that guy really turns out to be her lover!!! :)
                              update ASAP!!!!!!
chatterbox chatterbox Jan 16, 2011
@the-giggler  lol, soz i herd your comming over tonight??? to sleep ??? and i`m not a hob-knocker you are thank you very much.