TNG: Iblis, the First Hero

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Myron Keith Gibert Jr By mkgibertjr Completed
What do you do when your parents have been murdered, you live in a Yakuza controlled city, and a visit to the hospital leads to you discovering that you have superpowers? For Cideion Rodgers, the answer is simple. You become the world's first superhero. 
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Is something different for what I usually read but I am glad I did cause it was an interesting read. The ending was marvelous and made me want to read more.
Actually, forget what I said about the sic-fi thing. I'm so dumb. . .for some reason when I saw it on the thread, I read sic-fi? And then I looked on the side and realized what a clueless person I was since it said paranormal. O.o Sheesh, I've got to learn how to read. XD
Very amazing writing! I absolutley LOVED this!!!! Great job and  keep up the good work!
:O :O :O This just below my mind. These usually aren't my type of stories to read, but when I started with this, I just couldn't stop!
                                    Grammar is very well, could be polished, but that with any writer. I can tell you put so much though it to this story! Amazing job!! * VOTED*
Very well written. A lot of detail, nice. There are some grammar mistakes though.
You are pretty good at details :)) In first few paragraphs, I thought you had some minor punctuations mistake, but as I continued to read further... I gotta say, I'm lovin it :D It's good, how you gradually established your characters :) Good work!