TNG:  Iblis, the First Hero

TNG: Iblis, the First Hero

13.8K Reads 668 Votes 32 Part Story
Myron Keith Gibert Jr By mkgibertjr Completed

What do you do when your parents have been murdered, you live in a Yakuza controlled city, and a visit to the hospital leads to you discovering that you have superpowers? For Cideion Rodgers, the answer is simple. You become the world's first superhero. 

This story is part of a shared universe of related stories, under the TNG (The Next Generation) banner. To get more information, as well as links to other works in the universe, head to this wiki:

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- - Oct 30, 2012
Is something different for what I usually read but I am glad I did cause it was an interesting read. The ending was marvelous and made me want to read more.
mkgibertjr mkgibertjr Oct 29, 2012
@xxGucciGuccix And I'm actually hoping to turn this into a comic someday if I can find an artist to work with me.
mkgibertjr mkgibertjr Oct 29, 2012
@TheFayz I purposely made the first three or four episodes less action packed because I want the series to be character, not action, driven.  The later episodes have more action, but I'm hoping that readers come for the action and stay because of the interaction between the characters!
mkgibertjr mkgibertjr Oct 26, 2012
@Smilies And it actually is very sci-fi.  It falls under several categories, but I'm trying to make it as believable as possible, hence why it falls under the sci-fi category.
mkgibertjr mkgibertjr Oct 26, 2012
@Smilies Thank you for the advice!  I'll be sure to correct those errors in future chapters!
Smilies Smilies Oct 26, 2012
Actually, forget what I said about the sic-fi thing. I'm so dumb. . .for some reason when I saw it on the thread, I read sic-fi? And then I looked on the side and realized what a clueless person I was since it said paranormal. O.o Sheesh, I've got to learn how to read. XD