Stalked and Rejected [COMPLETED]

Stalked and Rejected [COMPLETED]

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Autumn Wilson By xoxo_a18 Completed

"You leave me no choice. I will find her. I will get her. And she will be mine. Do you hear me? She is mine. No matter what.” The big man said before I saw him rip my father and mother’s heads off. 


Eric Kingsman and Nikki Pratt are total opposites. He's loud and the popular one while she's quiet and keeps to herself. He gets around more than Kim Kardashian on a good day. She’s quiet and keeps to herself, wanting acceptance. She’s left to take care of her baby brother and left to do some quick growing up after her parents were brutally murdered right in front of her. Moving to a new town sucks especially when you’re trying to hide from someone who wants to kill you, as you assume. 

And the only thing that these two have in common? Well, their werewolves. And another thing? Fate destined for them to be mates. Oh yeah, and before I forget: Eric rejects her.  

OKAY. Obviously I can't write descriptions without giving anything away, so maybe give this story a try? If you do, I loooooveee you. :)

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handydandyhan handydandyhan Aug 28, 2017
This bitch doesn't deserve the truth wtf you're not worth anyone's time buddy
Ashmem Ashmem Apr 22, 2017
I would have been saying, "I could have been raped or I might have picked him up off the street. He might not actually be my son, but guess what? You'll never fücking know because of all the assumptions you made!" Then I would have slammed the door in his face.
aa_RM_ aa_RM_ May 10, 2018
Going to give this a try  really loved brute mate so  maybe I'll like this book to
-WANDAA -WANDAA Jun 30, 2017
To be honest if i was in her place and he said that as soon as he finished i would have slam the door in his face 😒😂
kkisses630 kkisses630 Dec 20, 2016
You go girl accept that rejection although I would have told him it was my Lil bro really
Daisy1821 Daisy1821 Oct 15, 2016
Wellllll....eric was harsh but maybe when she introduced herself she should had said it's her brother not son especially when she realized they were mates.