My Life With MattyB (MattyB x Reader)

My Life With MattyB (MattyB x Reader)

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xmatthewdavidmorrisx By xmatthewdavidmorrisx Updated Dec 13, 2016

Playing with your best friend MattyB was really fun. Every time you came to his house, you would play outside and play Tag, well, when it's sunny of course... but this time, it was different.

On that day Y/N and Matt played outside. "Let's play tag!" The excited 7 year old boy exclaimed. "Yeah!" Y/N cheered with Joy. "Matthew,who's on?" Questioned Y/N. "I'll be on! You were last time so it's my turn, and please call me Matt. Not Matthew" He politely replied. "Okay David" The young girl joked. "Fine, I guess, but I do prefer Matthew" he laughed. "What are we waiting for? Let's play!" Matts playful friend squealed.

Meanwhile, Matt and Y/N wasn't paying attention to where they were going, which led them to the parking lot. The 2 children were not supposed to be playing there. "Catch me if you- woah!" Y/N gasped in shock. She then quickly fell onto the hard, stoned, ground. "THAT HUURRTTSSS!!" Y/N loudly cried her tears out 

Suddenly, A van was passing by, which headed to.. Towards Y/N!...