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Broken Hearts & Lonely Stars(girlxgirl)

Broken Hearts & Lonely Stars(girlxgirl)

336K Reads 8.9K Votes 26 Part Story
Jess By JessSkywalker Completed

 Slowly, very slowly, she's mending a broken heart that she hates with a passion but doesn't let anyone see that side of her and a past that she can't escape. Not only that, returning back home where her misery began, everything seems impossible to run away. Especially when secrets are being said and Rhea's life becomes a spiral of misery, unwanted sympathy, and unacceptable love. But can this love mend this broken heart or would the past come crashing down, crushing her even more? Put a broken friendship, an ex-girlfriend back in the picture, a stubborn, homophobic father, with a spice of a deadly secret Rhea kept for four years into the mix results into deadly chaos. But as bruises come and go, Rhea must face the decision that could lead her to end it all: the pain and the heartache. To mend a broken heart, you must drink to the fullest to rid the pain...well, that's what Rhea convinces herself to do...

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jediistorm jediistorm 5 days ago
I let it just dropped my tablet and covered my eyes shaking my head cause I can't even
jediistorm jediistorm 5 days ago
I honestly can't stand people who just say 'life's a bitch but then ya gotta move on' it's irritating and doesn't help at all except make someone who's already trying to avoid something that brings them great pain to avoid it even more
Leelee005 Leelee005 May 31, 2016
Otis is a cows name on a nickelodeon show about barn animals. Ha. Lol.
Leelee005 Leelee005 Aug 06, 2016
The characters though...she's wearing too much make up...I don't like it.
rainbowponyxxx rainbowponyxxx May 14, 2016
This book is sooo dam reminds me of my on lesbian problems...sigh it made me cry and I just went through the motions
Dark_Lillith Dark_Lillith Feb 08, 2016
Hell, her now-to-be ex is a real bitch! Hey the video in this chapter  don't exist anymore. Can you pls fix it?