Real Quick (COMPLETED)

Real Quick (COMPLETED)

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"Hey sis! Do you want some ice cream?"
"Hey, leave that nerd"
"She's my sister, why should I?"

"Scarlett Joy Davis, are you listening?"

"Well, I'm not"

"Get out!"

"Come on! I'm just being honest"

I reached the door to get out of this very boring class. While I was walking, someone bumped into my shoulder, it's Ethan bakulaw.

Ethan Jayward Tyler
17 years old
Clever, handsome, and boastful.
Like me, his family is one of the richest. 
What I like about him? None. He's my enemy. He always makes me effin irritated 

Jake Evan Daze
17 years old
A very talented man, he likes playing instruments like guitar, piano, and drums. He also likes reading, dancing, etc. He's a loyal and sweet one.
Based on my descriptions about him, he's a good guy. I don't even know why he likes Ethan as his friend.
He's not a vocal person so..

Damon Shin Parker
17 years old
Nothing more than a womanizer

"An idiot right here huh. Can you please look at your ...

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Hi!! I'm sorry I cant message you.. There's a problem in my email so can we be friends? And can we message here?
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Ay haha hindi ko na sana iuupdate kala ko kasi walang nagbabasa :( dont worry update ko agad ^o^ thankyou.. Name mo pala?
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