Male x Male Reader

Male x Male Reader

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Ray Cipher By TheOldestCipher Updated 2 days ago


I'd like to say here and now that there will be works in the future that will depict very...triggering, and "disgusting" (to some) topics. If you would be so kind as to wait for a future work that won't anger you, I'd appreciate that very much. 

And, if you have not pieced it together, what I wish to say is that I ask you to keep in mind that those ideas I will depict do not necessarily mean I would accept this in society, in real life. Through fiction, like many others, I let my mind roam free. If this is a problem I suppose my mind is just a bit more darker than yours. 

<>All art/images belong to their creators, and if one of them belongs to you, and you dislike it being there, please feel free to ask me to remove it. I apologize in advance if my placing of your hard work as my chapter image had disrespected you in anyway, as I understand these things take long, hard hours to bring these to perfection. I only wished to find a visual that would portray my image, and yours seemed to match it perfectly.<>

ATTENTION: Hello, yes, again, to reiterate, if my words were not clear enough. If you do not like the content, do not read it. It gets irritable to have people like that in my book. I'd rather you just find something else to criticize. My morals are none of your concern and honestly, if you haven't gotten a good grasp on reality and fiction, you had better get yourself checked. If you think I come off as rude, please know that you are undeniably right. This is my only warning to you. After that, I'll go ahead and treat you as harshly as I like. 

For those who know your boundaries and are here to just read, I'm sorry you need to see this, and I hope you enjoy it, but I frankly lack the patience and the time to deal with those types of people. I'm here to enjoy myself, to write, not to feel irritated. That happens enough in reality. :)