• Soul • Xiumin x Reader •

• Soul • Xiumin x Reader •

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(Y/N) has never been normal, but she wanted to be

Her twin brother, D.O, and herself have always had something special. They can see ghosts. 

D.O learned to love his powers and help ghost who need his help, (Y/N) on the other hand has begun to ignore her powers. Worrying her friends.

What happens when they meet a ghost that isn't looking for D.O's help but (Y/N)'s specifically? Not only does this ghost bring trouble with him but the biggest challenge the group has ever faced along with something (Y/N) has never experienced before, love.

This is a Xiumin x Reader story. I wanted to make it since I don't see many out there. Please vote and comment! Thank you! ^ ^ I love to hear feedback so please tell me what you think! I hope you enjoy :)

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Machelsa Machelsa May 09
Satansoo on the first paragraph of this story. Yup. 
                              If I was in this situation in real life, I would wake up instantly because I don't wanna die.
wonhomin wonhomin Jan 15
Me saying universe is making me think of the song universe exo came out with not to long ago 😂☕️it’s such a good song and made an impact on my aesthetic loving self
If we did this at our teacher they will scold us. They would even tell us to bring our parents.
Lol imagine them going through walls, peeping on people changing or doin something else
CenCilo CenCilo Jan 13
But u said it urself that Sehun has the most impressive 'body'
Damn, she must be pretty tall then. He's a whole 5'8". Short for a guy, but pretty tall for a girl.