Who Are You? » c.h

Who Are You? » c.h

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One Year Ago....

     There was little to no people in the airport. This was the first time where the airport was no packed with busy people trying to reach their flights, bags or to leave. I was standing there waiting for four boys to show up already. I have been waiting here for at least thirty minutes. Finally, I saw the four dorks I love enter the airport but they still haven't noticed my presence. Once they have finished checking in and giving the airport people their bags, they turned around and spotted me. Giving them a shy smile, they start walking over to me. 

     We all sat on the floor not saying a word to each other. Looking up, Luke was in front of me giving me a funny face. I tried not to laugh but I couldn't stop the smiling from prying on my face. Then I ended up laughing. People always tell me that my laugh is contagious so I guess that is why all the boys are laughing along with me. Then their manager started to call them. Slowly we all stood up still smiling. Then...

babysanha_ babysanha_ Feb 18, 2017
Boi, why would you want to be pale? Being pale sucks balls. I'm mixed and I'm paler than most of my white friends. Embrace the tan
GOALS! But sometimes here in the Philippines, someone won I think 2 concert tickets to The Vamps concert, but the ticket was scheduled for Ed Sheeran's concert
taintedmilk taintedmilk Dec 04, 2016
when 5sos releases all of their old songs on spotify (fÛCKING SHOOK)