The Problems of a Teenage Pentaholic 2!

The Problems of a Teenage Pentaholic 2!

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jk By Jk2235_ptx Updated Jul 24, 2017


Hey Pentaholics! Ready for more rants, problems, laughs, and gifs? Well let's go! 

Problems of a Teenage Pentaholic  (shortened PoaTP) is a book written by your fabulous fellow Pentaholic, me! Here we talk about all the problems that come with being a fan of that lame band called the Pentatonic. Well, what are you waiting for?

*Requests are appreciated!*

Also: I try to update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (with some bonuses on Saturdays, but we'll talk about that later) so stay tuned! :)

This book is dedicated to all of the readers of the OG book, including my fabulous early squad and those who have stuck around from the very beginning (or.....close to the beginning). I love you all somaj, and without you I wouldn't be writing this. A year ago when I began writing PoaTP, I didn't expect to ever be writing a sequel. Thank you. This is for you <3o

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xgrassihoying xgrassihoying Jun 14, 2017
Mine was shipped on June 1st and it's still not here 😭😭
quirkyusername_ quirkyusername_ Jan 10, 2017
quirkyusername_ quirkyusername_ Jan 11, 2017
My mom got me a lunchbox and a Christmas ornament
                              They were supposed to come yesterday
hanmikala hanmikala Jan 10, 2017
Omg right 
                              And stranger things 
                              Sorry I had to I've just been obsessed 
                              Ok bye
ptxgirl101 ptxgirl101 Jan 13, 2017
LITERALLY TRUE THO! I can finally relate to a merch one! hehe. : b