Love Will Overpower (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Love Will Overpower (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

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Victoria Gilbert. Elena Gilberts older sister, you might know her, you might not. Both girls had a normal life until the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan came into the small town of Mystic Falls and changed everything. 

Mystic Falls was a quiet place where not much happened, that changed. 

Death tolls grew, and people seemed to be attacked by animals out of nowhere. Secrets unfolded, and lies were told but that was all to protect the Gilbert girls and their families.

After dealing with all the chaos and drama in Mystic Falls, Damon and Victoria start to somehow connect and understand each other. After months of hardship, lies, fights and undying love that blossomed so quickly, Damon asks Victoria for her hand in marriage.  

It's easy to get married, live a normal, happy life and open up a new page with your husband, but that isn't the case. No one is ever happy in Mystic Falls and no one can live a happy, normal life in Mystic Falls. 

Months later in their marriage Damon receives news about Hybrids who are planning on taking away Victoria for their own benefit to kill her. Doing the one thing that breaks him, Damon compels Victoria to leave town, not knowing that she's carrying the one thing that will change his life. 

His baby.  

Months passed by and soon it was 2 years that had passed by. It was the plan of the blonde, annoying vampire that changed everything. The small whispers of witches that had changed everything.

Not even 24 hours into their 'little break' the one thing that had completely teared Damon Salvatore down comes back, and it's not by accident when they both bump into each other....

Because true love will always find a way back.