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Happy Families (Prequel to Sleeping with the Enemy) [on hold]

Happy Families (Prequel to Sleeping with the Enemy) [on hold]

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MillionLaughsAMinute By MillionLaughsAMinute Updated Jul 17, 2013

Set a year before Sleeping with the Enemy begins, comes a different kind of story. Charley and Nate have hated each other for years, each for very different reasons. But when Nate gets more involved with Charley than he wants to, he realises that it's too late to back out, and he's got to get used to the fact that he's one of the reasons Charley has ended up hitting rock-bottom. Because soon, they're both in the same boat and living with Chas, and it's a fight for survival in the big bad world that they didn't anticipate getting involved in yet, and they're forced to confront their feelings head on. Can Nate and Charley overcome what life throws at them? Or will they both realise that they're in over their heads?

HORlZONS HORlZONS Jan 01, 2012
My god, I love Charley... She thinks EXACTLY like Evie... and I mean exactly. To a T.
                              Wonderful chapter! I can't wait to read on!
RebelAngel RebelAngel Feb 06, 2011
Nate's kind of vicious. I like how this story seems so real. It doesn't seem fake in any way. :)
justbliss justbliss Jan 23, 2011
Nice! :) I'm already liking this story. I'll be really great if you upload soon! :D I can't wait for the next chapter!
                              P.S You already have exams? At the starting of the year? Aw, that sucks. Do your best! 
justbliss justbliss Jan 15, 2011
@MillionLaughsAMinute This is good, you know! :) I don't really mind even though the plot is pretty similar. 
MillionLaughsAMinute MillionLaughsAMinute Jan 14, 2011
@cheesehead I don't really think that I could continue it after Sleeping with the Enemy :\ because the plot is pretty similar (minus the fit Irish lad, most of the drama and the addition of your worst enemy getting you knocked up and taking your V-Plates....) but I don't know....