Mr. Make-Believe (An Urban, Chic-lit Novel)

Mr. Make-Believe (An Urban, Chic-lit Novel)

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What if you had the power to create the perfect man and make him real through the power of a pen?

Audrey Pain is a 25 year-old, self- acclaimed free-lance Erotica writer who does nothing but write about her fantasy men and what she would want them to do to her. She describes everything she would want: a sexy, tattooed, chocolate dominering God who had the mindset of a determined strong man and the skills of a freak underneath the sheets. He would have and possess the affection and love she so desired since she first started dating. 

She believes that kind of man doesn't exist, so she creates him in yet another novel. That is until she sees a man who resembles the desirable man in her book. He loves the same things, hate the same things, and possess the same features as her make-believe man. Even his wife! This all could be just a coincidence or it could be exactly what she's been looking for. She's willing to destroy happiness and love to have this man and experience everything and anything this dream man could do, but it's all just words in her book, right?

But as they say, God is a Jealous God. How much can Audrey get away with before her guilt sets in from living in the fantasy world of her book and the gorgeous man who stands before her eyes?