The Thirteen Year Old Avenger | Book 1 |

The Thirteen Year Old Avenger | Book 1 |

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Nothing in my life was ever normal to begin with. Living with S.H.I.E.L.D for past thirteen years of my life was as normal as it got. But when you add in the fact that I have telepathic and telekinetic powers. That's where the normal in my life stops. I've tried school. Didn't work. Nope. I don't even want to talk about it.

So now I'm here. Just me, Samantha Madrix, the thirteen year old girl who lives at S.H.I.E.L.D

But soon enough...I was going to become an Avenger and something more.

GothBitchSatanWitch GothBitchSatanWitch May 13, 2016
PINK OVERLOAD!!! *dies from too much pink*
                              Sorry to anyone who likes pink, I just hate it xD
AceActing AceActing Jun 06, 2016
How she change clothes and brush her hair that quickly? 
                              I wanna be able to do that!
Starbuckys_Coffee Starbuckys_Coffee Dec 03, 2016
MilicaRogosic MilicaRogosic Aug 10, 2016
I can stand zebra because I like it but Pink?
                              Bitch you better be kidding me , I would rather die then have my room in pink.
                              The walls are white.....well as white as they can be from dirty feet and fingers.
spotway spotway Jun 03, 2016
I went to one... I have no memory other than me having to write in cursive
doyouseewhatisee1 doyouseewhatisee1 Dec 06, 2016
totally accurate! I can picture Nat doing that look. Probably not Scarlett Johanssen (I think that is how the actresses name is spell, I'm horrible with spelling names) because she looks happy all the time. Keep up the great work!