The Love of a Lonely Witch ( Sleepy Ash/Kuro x Reader )

The Love of a Lonely Witch ( Sleepy Ash/Kuro x Reader )

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SakatsuraYumi By SakatsuraYumi Completed

Ever wonder what Sleepy Ash/Kuro was doing before he had met Mahiru?

This a story of how Sleepy Ash/Kuro met a Lonely Witch...

Urm... this my 2nd fanfic... so do inform me if thr is any way to improve or thr are any errors! 

I hope you will enjoy the story!

  • anime
  • kuro
  • mahiru
  • reincarnation
  • romance
  • servamp
  • sleepyash
  • tragedy
  • vampire
  • witch
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                              2)Dark brown
                              3)Reaches chest
                              4)Dark brown
                              5)Middlemist Red
vickycake vickycake Feb 18
                              One green the other blue 
                              Extremely long link up to almost my ankle
                              Blue magpie with black ,green streaks  and red and white tips
Drecrona Drecrona May 26, 2017
I always end up in your fanfictions .3. Why are you so gooD?
GeanshieNeonorie324 GeanshieNeonorie324 Mar 10, 2017
                              2.)Sky blue
                              3.)Rlly long
                              4.)Light purple and baby blue
                              5.)All roses
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1. Kimiko
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annie2360 annie2360 Nov 16, 2016
1) Pearl
                              2) Hazel
                              3) An undercut
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                              4) Cherry blossums