Diabolik Lovers x Sister Reader

Diabolik Lovers x Sister Reader

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JessicaMononoke By JessicaMononoke Updated Aug 08, 2017

Shuu- " Shhh could you try to be quiet"

Reiji- " Please do try to use your manners"

Ayato- " Cherry-chan stop being nice to Chichinashi"

Kanato- " Cherry-chan's cake is even better that Yui's right Teddy?

Laito- " Aww Cherry-chan is so cute when she's mad"

Subaru- " Thanks for just being there. I-I guess"

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Yandererulz Yandererulz Dec 11, 2017
On my birthday I don't care about cake or a party as long as I get the present I've been begging for which why I usually only get one present but I'm fine with that! Plus everyone is usually sick on my birthday it's in winter
Queenoftakoyaki Queenoftakoyaki Jun 20, 2017
I was just planing my birthday with my mum while reading this
Cerwinkle Cerwinkle Nov 23, 2017
Lol this is me when it’s my birthday,I don’t care what I get as long it’s not chocolate or there is cake at all,I will flip some shiz
AnimeLoverMaya AnimeLoverMaya May 06, 2017
Oh hell naw! He is not my daddy! He's someone who is corrupted, and scary! I ain't like that! Sorry, I just don' like Karl Hienz.
Queenawesome21 Queenawesome21 Jun 21, 2017
My name is Caitlyn and my nickname is Catie so what would my nickname be with her?
JessicaMononoke JessicaMononoke Aug 27, 2017
Yeah I think I'm gonna change it to Christa. Lemme know if I should.