AMBER ONE (AKV Series Book 1)

AMBER ONE (AKV Series Book 1)

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MJ Thompson By mazimai Updated Feb 04

Can be read as a stand alone. 
Amber wakes up in a cryogenic stasis unit on a space ship with an group of aliens,
God only knows where, sometime in the future...
Can she figure out where she is and how it happened? 

They say love is alien to some people, 
but  Amber took it literally..... 

Will Amber find love with a handsome alien or is she to be forever alone.....
And what is this thing about mates?
Read too find out more.... 

Contains sexual content! MxFxM
Will be edited and grammar fixed at a later date.

Book 1 was started after this, you do not have to read in order.

  • adventure
  • alien
  • cryogenic
  • found
  • frozen
  • future
  • kiss
  • love
  • mate
  • mxfxm
  • planets
  • sciencefiction
  • space
  • spaceship
  • spacetravel
  • star
  • starship
  • stasis
  • trek
  • unit
bcthenight bcthenight Sep 10, 2017
It should be the other way around. The more sunlight, the darker the hair and eye color as a protection against tha sun rays. In areas with less sun in average and shorter days light colored eyes and hair are prominent
IAmCandi IAmCandi Apr 25, 2015
wow I hope there's like footnotes on the chapters lol i'll never remember those but they're very interesting!
Aridia Aridia Dec 17, 2014
i like the rundown it's a great idea.
                              this book has got potential.
PinkyDinky13 PinkyDinky13 Sep 03, 2014
saw @lucyferror post this book and this book look interesting, will read it soon :)